You may have already heard about the many benefits and advantages of sauna steam rooms among which are the reported benefits and relaxation from stress. The benefits of sauna steam rooms, however, have its own limitations in that it may be good and beneficial for others but it can be unsafe for some people. Will you benefit from spa sauna steam rooms? Read the rest of this article and know if a sauna steam room is good for you.

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A sauna steam room is beneficial for people who are stressed out. Sauna is best for people who have been too pressured from their daily jobs and responsibilities. A person who is stressed out is more prone to insomnia and heart diseases. Other young businessmen who have not been able to adjust to stress are even reported to have died early. A sauna steam room is, therefore, necessary to free away stress and pressure and bring about relaxation to a worn-out body.

A sauna steam room is beneficial for people with damaged kidneys. Because sauna can help induce detoxification of the body, it is most beneficial for people who have damage in their kidneys particularly because of their built-in body organ that filters body waste does not work properly. Sauna steam room- induced sweating can help them filter out these wastes. Before any sauna can be done, however, it is best to seek advice from a doctor because certain conditions may make sauna steam rooms unsuitable for a patient.

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The sauna steam room is not good if you are pregnant. Women who are pregnant are not advised to spend time in a sauna steam room. Too much exposure from heat, particularly in a sauna steam room, is not good especially to those who are in their first trimester of pregnancy for reason that it can result in damage to the child’s developing brain and spinal cord and even increases the chances of birth defects. Getting a bit of advice from the doctor would, therefore, be best when a pregnant woman insists on spending time in a sauna steam room. Similarly, males who want to have a child, are not also advised to have a sauna for reason that high temperature which is typical in a sauna session can temporarily decrease sperm count which thus affects a couple’s chances of successful conception.

Sauna steam room is not advisable for people with certain body irregularities and illnesses. People with heart or circulatory problems are discouraged from taking a sauna unless a doctor tells them to for reason that the heat in a sauna steam room can worsen their problem. People who are more susceptible to heat and those with arthritis and high blood pressures are not also advised to be in a sauna steam room.

The next time you are heading out for a sauna steam room, you have to make sure that you are in the best condition to benefit from soaking in the warmth of a sauna. Remember not to endanger yourself if you find that you are not fit to be in a sauna steam room.

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  • Sauna heater
  • Sauna Door handle – inside and outside
  • Sauna Wood handle
  • Sauna Heater guard
  • Sauna Light guard
  • Sauna Light
  • Sauna Outside digital control
  • Sauna Wooden ladle
  • Sauna stones
  • Sauna bucket – a handcrafted wooden bucket with a plastic liner
  • Sand Timer
  • Sauna Thermometer/hydrometer – wooden thermometer for use inside the room


  • Steam Generator adjustable
  • Steam Room Light
  • Steam Room Light Transformer
  • Steam Room Thermometer


Switch on the sauna room light from the control panel.

Adjust sauna temperature to the desired temperature from the control panel.

Adjust sauna timer to the desired time period required from the control panel.

  • A – 8 hours timer mode
  • B – 24 hours timer mode.

The system is automatically started and stops when the sauna room temperature reaches the desired temperature, which is controlled by a temperature sensor installed in the sauna room.


Switch on the steam room light from the control panel.

Adjust timer from the control panel.

Adjust the temperature from the control panel to the desired temperature.

The system is automatically starting & stops when the steam room temperature reaches the desired temperature, which is controlled by a temperature sensor installed inside the steam room.

All operators should be aware of the physiological effect of a steam room, to ensure that those with any contraindication to using are prevented from doing so

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  • Peripheral Vasodilation i.e. blood vessel near the skin’s surface will dilate, bringing more blood to the surface to dissipate heat
  • This will cause a short, sharp drop in pressure as blood volume and heart rate increase to compensate.
  • Blood pressure will stabilize or increase slightly as the heart rate increases to move blood around faster in an attempt to dissipate more heat.

There is also evidence of increased respiratory rate with an obvious increase in body temperature.

Sauna Accessories


General, all qualified agree that although most individuals may use a steam room safely, it is necessary that the whole spectrum of the clientele is addressed and educated in the dangers of Heat stress. There are documented health risks, which can be reduced by educating and informing all users of the physiological effects of the steam room and helping them identify potential risks to themselves. Any history of the vascular or coronary disorder, diabetes, or obesity should indicate a conservative approach to steam room use and its benefits.

However, a steam room that is operated at a safe temperature, which is used and maintained hygienically, can provide an ideal and safe of relaxation. It will tone and cleanse the skin and relieve tension and muscular soreness.

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